Austria by car. How, where and how much Austria

I want to tell you in detail about our road route in Austria in July 2016, focusing on the organization of the trip and share useful sources. The themes of our trip were mountains and, first of all, we wanted to spend more time in them, capturing, however, several cities.

Observation of sperm whales in the Azores Portugal

Dear readers, in the first half of June we visited the Azores in order to observe sperm whales. We were not easy to find information on this subject, because this destination among Russian tourists is not very developed. So I want to share with you information and impressions on our trip, can someone does come in handy.

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen May 24, 2012, all these photos were taken on the same day. The weather is good, there is now a long day, and I move a lot and for a long time, so a lot of pictures. 70 out of 355, shot that day. If we assume from 8 am to 11 pm, it appears that shot on average once every two minutes (taking into account a couple of hours in museums, where almost no shot). Even the Chinese are so often photographed.

Pictures from Hong Kong. The most high-rise in the world Hong Kong

Up to this point my most high-altitude city in life was San Gimignano. I love medieval skyscrapers. Defense seen with the Arc de Triomphe, Moscow City from the window of the car (then still fun), but so true - never. Then I realized, it is necessary to start somewhere, selling at the emirates, A380 from Dubai to Hong Kong ... In general, no doubt.

Glass Factory Germany

Long thought to what it is and how to begin the story of Dresden. Decided to show some of the sights alone, and some combined into one story. Today we look at what a glass factory in Dresden.

Munich, not Bavarian Bavaria Germany

I do not like the capital and big cities. Maybe it's because I live in a big city, which I was very tired. In the capitals of more opportunities, but less than the present life and the interesting topics for reporting. And even if it is there, then hid so well that a couple of days will never find. Munich - a real capital. Being the main Bavarian city, she packed everything that usually try not to show, and at least hidden from prying eyes.