Australia is a magical land on the edge of the world Australia

So, a review of the last continent, where I visited, is distant and difficult to access for Russians in Australia. There is an opinion that this is a very expensive country, even in the “Eagle and Lattice”, each series about Australia begins with the moans leading to the fact that they have to live half-starving. In fact, it turned out that at the current exchange rate, Australia is a country of the middle price category, something like Spain or Greece. Given the presence of numerous low-cost flights there from Southeast Asia, we get a great place to travel (well, if not a visa).

A list of visa-free countries for Ukrainians Ukraine

A list of visa-free countries for Ukrainians 2015 year

Phuket Thailand

Thailand is beautiful. Even despite the fact that 90% of tourists in this country, it is our countrymen (and on vacation so I want to take a break from all of them), here you can find more secluded places. We conducted in Thailand (Phuket), 8 days, and had four more in Singapore and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Today I will talk about his impressions of Thailand and show almost all the beaches of Phuket, making their ratings.

Langkawi - an island of legends Thailand

I flew on Langaki Borneo via Kuala Lumpur. Flight can not just. 2 times our Boeing - 737 almost touched the ground, and then suddenly soared upward. The commander was afraid to land the plane, due to heavy rainfall that was somehow directly over the airport, and not even at himself in Kuala Lumpur.

Taman Negara National Park Malaysia

Gerald Durrell said that man is happy in the jungle twice: when he first gets into the rain forest, and when you select from this hell :) I've always wanted to check on the sincerity of the words of the old naturalist and explorer. To do this, we Svetka went to the National Park Taman Negara - the largest portion of the primary jungle in mainland Malaysia.