Treasure Kizhi island on Lake Onega Russian Federation Kizhi Island (it is strongly recommended to do the accent on the first I) - the main pearl of Lake Onega and the center of attraction for tourists from around the world.
City of Red River Vietnam More than a thousand years ago on the banks of the Red River there was the capital of Vietnam. It grew out of several villages and the town of Dajla at the behest of King Li Thai To. Legend has it that the place to build the indicated celestial sign, the king fancied dragon among the clouds. In honor of this city and named - Dragon soars, Thang Long. Years passed, and with it the city changed names Dorgdo, Dongkuan, Dongkin, Chungdo again Thang Long before the beginning of the last century, he did not "city among the rivers" - Hanoi.
New Mexico - Colorado RV. United States of America When the confusion of the first months after birth began to pass, and we were again able to perceive their environment not only from the standpoint of "feed-wash, change clothes," habitually knocked in the head the idea of traveling. Traditionally, Christmas and New Year holidays we spent outside the home. And this year did not want to make exceptions.
Newfoundland Canada About nyufaundlendt citysens accepted in Canada veer jokes (almost like about the Chukchi in Soviet times). Although it is in Nyufike and retain this Canada, with incredibly kind people. Acquaintance told me how he did not have enough cash to pay for a taxi in St. John's. The taxi driver is not angry and said: Do not worry, pay tomorrow.
Road of America United States of America On his return from the United States many people asked me what I remember most. I will answer again: endless road of this great country. America - a country for both humans and their machines. I drove on these roads and twenty thousand kilometers behind the wheel, and no one kilometer I did not feel stress or strain on the contrary - it turns driving the car a real buzz.
Wondrous miracle Slovenia Half an hour drive from Lake Bohinj and we are in a new place. Today I'll show you one of the wonders of Slovenia, namely Lake Bled. Place enough so popular with parking we had some difficulties, after 10 minutes of searching, we finally found the place and then out of nowhere came comrade and said that this car park and you have to pay tribute to, the size was perfectly acceptable, so agreed. So keep in mind the place where the trouble to throw the car there, and the road is still tight on the side of not quit.