Gran Canaria, highways GC-200 Spain

The brightest of the harsh beauty of the ocean views are on the western and south-western side of the island. It takes a spectacular route along the vertical cliffs over deep-ever storm spaciousness.

483 meters above the sky: the tallest hotel in the world Hong Kong

Over the choice of places where to throw the dice in Hong Kong, I thought no longer than 10 seconds. Here and only here has the highest hotel in the world - The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, and other alternative means for crazy fan of skyscrapers is not there. Stay in this hotel for me - as a visit to the highest waterfall or climb the highest mountain.

Tales of Buxtehude Germany

Just 30 km from Hamburg is an ancient town of Buxtehude (Buxtehude). Known for his tales of how the city brought Wilhelm Schroeder. Even as a child he heard folk tale about how the hedgehog and the hare competed in the race. As an adult, Schroeder wrote this story unsophisticated in Low German and moved the seat of action on the field near the town of Buxtehude.

The Hanseatic city of Stade Germany

Stade and Buxtehude - one of those cities where you can come once or twice in warm weather. Take a walk, drink, eat something tasty and local and go back. Both are located on the left bank of the Elbe and you can reach them or paromchike, which departs from the suburbs of Hamburg Blankenese, or a detour through Elbbryuke (literally - the bridge over the Elbe) .

Hafengeburtstag - holiday in Hamburg port Germany

In Hamburg, often hosts various interesting activities. One of these is the annual festival Hafengeburtstag, dedicated to the birthday of the port, namely the Hamburg harbor. This year it celebrated its 823 th anniversary of live music, "procession" of swimming facilities that you can imagine, master classes and fishing fair, a small regatta course and the final fireworks.

Hungry inhabitants of Iguazu Falls Brazil

Even before we got to the Iguazu Falls, someone mentioned to me that in those places are found some raccoons that well, just do not give a pass to anyone !! After this message all my thoughts, of course, were only about them! And even waterfalls me as a little interest at first - very much like to find at least one raccoon !! ;)