City of active elderly Sun City United States of America

In any guidebook no American city with Flower Dunno and other shorty in any guidebook no city built especially for the elderly. Yes, in general, then, this city is no longer in any country.

Primorsk Russian Federation

If in the Primorsky district Peter go on Seaside Avenue, and then in the Primorsky highway, then sooner or later you can get to the town of Primorsko. The road goes along the shore of the Gulf of Finland through the spa towns, between Resorts and hotels, and further more a hundred kilometers of the Leningrad region (the Karelian Isthmus). Mostly it will be absolutely impassable and broken-down as we passed.

Tsindunlin - the grandeur of the last empire of China. People's Republic of China

Eastern Qing Dynasty tombs or Tsindunlin located 125 km north-east of Beijing. Tsindunlin necropolis is one of the largest cemeteries in imperial China. Here are buried five Qing emperors, empresses 15 and 136 concubines. The complex has an area of 80 square meters. km. Almost all the tombs are well preserved, although three burials were plundered during the civil war in China in 1928. This has made them accessible to tourists, so now Tsindunlin most informative historical necropolis, where you can explore the imperial mausoleums, not only outside but also inside. The only penetrated by the well-known imperial tomb is Tsindunlina in China - the mausoleum of Ming Emperor Wanli, located in the necropolis Shisanlin, near Beijing.

Pyramids of China People's Republic of China

The name of the "pyramid" stuck over the burial mounds of the Chinese emperors and their officials. This is largely justified, as these burial hills were in the form of a truncated pyramid, although there were other options burials Chinese nobility.

Ganges India

Turns out to be not so easy to write about any trip after many months. Memoirs - the word is not in my vocabulary. And it's not that something is forgotten. It would be too easy. Dog memory, shaggy on the details and feelings fade with time, acquiring instead of artificial fur inspirational and just general words.

London is the capital of Great Britain United Kingdom

Anyone who has any idea about the English language knows a simple phrase: "Hello!", "How are you?" and, of course, "London is the capital of Great Britain". Last year, I managed to visit the Albion and plunge into the atmosphere of one of the greatest cities in the world. The UK government has until recently has kindly granted the right to stay in the country visa-free for up to 24 hours, which I took advantage, resulting from Tenerife to Moscow.