Pictures from Hong Kong. The most high-rise in the world Hong Kong

Up to this point my most high-altitude city in life was San Gimignano. I love medieval skyscrapers. Defense seen with the Arc de Triomphe, Moscow City from the window of the car (then still fun), but so true - never. Then I realized, it is necessary to start somewhere, selling at the emirates, A380 from Dubai to Hong Kong ... In general, no doubt.

483 meters above the sky: the tallest hotel in the world Hong Kong

Over the choice of places where to throw the dice in Hong Kong, I thought no longer than 10 seconds. Here and only here has the highest hotel in the world - The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, and other alternative means for crazy fan of skyscrapers is not there. Stay in this hotel for me - as a visit to the highest waterfall or climb the highest mountain.

Get to Pitcairn Island 1/2 Pitcairn Pitcairn Islands (Pitcairn; in the southern Pacific Ocean, population 50 people) - one of the most difficult to visit the countries of the world. Pitcairn, of course, visa-free, but there is no airfield here to go sea 1.5 days from the nearest airport: Gambier archipelago in French Polynesia
Pitcairn Islands 4/4 Pitcairn The only machine on the island belongs to the local oligarchy Steve. He and his wife holds the only local bar and cafe Christian's (and here cafe on the island is not unique).
Dubai Metro United Arab Emirates In one of the hottest days I decided to explore Dubai's infrastructure, and in particular its transport sostavlyayuschuyu- subway. Therefore, I sat down on one of the end station and drove across town to their hotel, which was almost at the end of branches. If Moscow had the same beauty of the underground, I would hang out every day in it for 5-6 hours :)
Highrise Dubai United Arab Emirates Dubai is a city of my dreams in which you want to return again and again .. One day I happened to fly in a helicopter over Dubai and, so to speak, to assess the extent of this wonderful building and luxurious emirate.