Winter in Anchorage United States of America

In response to our enthusiasm, “Hurray, finally winter, snow and frost” some Alaskan old-timers shook their heads: they say you live here for more than three years, and then you will sing in a different way - short days, long nights, you leave to work darkly and returning home in the dark, bad roads, boring snow that needs to be constantly cleared, frost, gas and electricity bills, a disreputable house in which you spend almost all the time ... No, summer is better.

Just another Hong Kong Hong Kong The center of Hong Kong - the standard of the city, striving upwards. It is full of high-rise buildings, clambering up the slope of Victoria Peak. But there is another Hong Kong, in which (almost) no skyscrapers. In some places it even a quiet, green, and a little deserted. Today I'll tell you about it.
Grand Canyon National Park United States of America The biggest hole in the ground, and the most famous park in the United States. At the Grand Canyon, I was the third time, but the place attracts the fire, the canyon can be admired forever. In the fall I'm going to finally go on the north side.
Iceland Iceland And now, I'm back! His return to Learn I want to note a common post about Iceland. Travel to Iceland, it is absolutely incredible country, I had planned for about a year. I found friends who wanted to go, I bought tickets, and just a month before the trip my friends changed their minds ... It's stronger than me my plans!
Victoria Canada Whenever I usually write the word of Vancouver, as here in the comments someone will ask about Victoria. Nate, get, sign. Going to Vancouver Island I knew about Victoria three things: 1) there are many retirees, 2) there are a lot of homeless people and 3) there are a lot of homeless seniors.
Albanian Riviera. Are you ready for an incredible adventure? Albania The length of the coast of Albania from north to south is 300 km, it's beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful beaches of the azure Ionian Sea. Today we keep the way to the south through the famous Albanian Riviera, where everyone will find the best beach, whether it is a noisy place with a special evening of entertainment or a secluded beach, far away from civilization ... Let's go!