Once in Mexico Mexico

Mexico. Even the name sounds fascinating. Ancient Maya and Aztecs, Mexican bandits in a sombrero with Colt in his belt, sipping tequila in a dirty tavern ... been a while since I wanted to stay in this epic edge. And the case turned up appropriate - Cuban visa expired, we had to leave for a few days and come back. So, my Mexican 6 days with Russian gidskoy party.

Flight between North Male Atoll and Baa Maldives

Natural beauty, formed by patterns Maldivian reefs on the blue surface of the ocean, impossible to reach, being at the level of the sea - it's almost like looking at the masterpieces in the Louvre, burying his nose in them. Here it is necessary to step back from the picture, rise above it and only divine brushstrokes form a harmonious masterpiece and one atoll does not seem something formless and presents a picture of the hundreds of reefs with round turquoise lagoons and golden beaches.

First look at the real Cuba, Matanzas Cuba

So, being heard about the terrible poverty and devastation that prevails outside the cozy tourist areas - Varadero, in black Limpopo "real Cuba", we, with some trepidation, preparing for the first trip around the island.

Island of Cayo Largo. The Caribbean Cuba

Far in the Caribbean, an hour's flight from the island of Cuba, there is one small but very beautiful island - Cayo Largo.

There, where the dragon descended into the sea Vietnam

Long millennia humid tropical climate and abundant rainfall have worked over the landscape at the north-western coast of the Gulf of Tonkin. Water gnaws at folding limestone land, washed away the soft rock, leaving the tower outliers riddled with caves and grottoes. As the years passed, lithospheric plate fell, shore retreated, the land became the sea floor, and thousands of mountains, cliffs and rocks islands rose above the water surface. So a Halong Bay.

Journey to Bangladesh. Shrimp happiness Munrigori Bangladesh

Village Munrigori very small. If desired, it all can be bypassed for 1.5 hours. We started right from the place where the end of our tour of the Sundarbans, a small dam. In these places, fishing is the main occupation, helping people to survive.