Norway, Bergen: a one-day "tour" of the fjords Norway "I used to see the fjords ..." I said an employee of the municipal tourist center. "You see, I came to Bergen for two and a half days, and now heard the sound about the fact that you have here nepodlaёku fjords. But where are they, I do not really know."
Hungarian Rhapsody for piano and camera ... Budapest ... Hungary This is probably a good idea to get into Budapest for the weekend, it was in the evening, when it begins to get dark, includes lights, streets and cafes filled with people and the city permeates the aura of the day.
The flight from Singapore to New York City for 23 thousand dollars Singapore In 2008 company Singapore Airlines introduced its Class Suites, most luxurious class that can be available person rešivšemu use the favors airlines.
Evening Budapest Hungary New Year's Eve show our neighbors the capital, Budapest evening. The city is beautiful in the evening will give odds to many European capitals. Best and interesting that I saw in him - a picture of the evening. There is no need to look for some special location for filming, all the most beautiful and so close at hand.
Hungarian thermal springs Heviz, Balaton and Budapest around 4 days Hungary Our trip to Hungary began heroically - once we have passed the security check, both on the scoreboard came the announcement that our flight is delayed for five hours! It turned out that in Hungary strike engineers serving the aircraft. Went to look for, where to wait.
Karlstejn Czech As practice shows, to get to the castle train better. The train runs from the main train station, and passes through Smíchov, so if you live closer to him, then we can sit down and in Smíchov. However, when we were traveling by train on Sunday, seats to Smíchov no longer exists.