Pitcairn Islands 1/4 Pitcairn

And this is - breadfruit. To taste the baked breadfruit remind me yesterday warmed mashed potatoes or hot bread crumb propechёnnogo bad, and if they fry in deep fat like french fries, you get a taste of yesterday, but hot "potato" fries.

Ngapali, Myanmar Myanmar

Morning. Waking up, went to the beach and saw a picture. Absolutely deserted beach. Clear blue sea and white sand crunchy underfoot. Come see what we have in our hotel. It turned out that it has anything even rent motorbikes that Myanmar is very cool. Truth and price sickly, something like $ 10 per hour.

4000 Islands Part 1 Laos

Morning. Vietnamese rice plants. Cambodian from the hill watches Vietnamese plant rice. Lao asleep and dreaming, as Cambodian watching how the Vietnamese plant rice. Then he slept and listened to this figure is growing.

What is Lombok Indonesia

Many say that Lombok - Bali is almost, but without the huge influx of tourists. To some extent I agree - something from Bali in it. But it's a whole different world, rather reminiscent of Java, except that a desert.

How to grow rice in Bali Indonesia

Friends, finally, for all of this for a long time, I decided to disassemble archive photos and found a great many pictures on the subject - rice and rice fields. I decided to redo the previous post and supplement it with interesting facts and photos. Photos for this post were taken at different times, to cover wider periods of growth of the culture. Sorry for the poisonous HDR (sometimes wakes mania all paint)

Ijen volcano Indonesia

One early morning in Dzhogyakarta we got on the bus and went to the volcano Bromo. Bromo then erupted, so that was one of the most exciting experiences for the whole of Asia. I already wrote about him being in Tae, could not stand it :)