Canada - America with a human face Canada

Last year, I visited North America for the fourth time, this time including the second largest country in the world - Canada. Although I was only in the main cities and I did not see the depths of Canada, I can do a brief overview of this country.

Autumn in New York province. Part one. United States of America We all know what it looks like New York City. There's skyscrapers, Central Park, and Wall Street. But how many know what it looks like the state of the same name? Of the entire staff I have, of course, do not tell (it is very big and different), but some part will try to meet. Today, the story of how I lived in the outback.
New Mexico - Colorado RV. United States of America When the confusion of the first months after birth began to pass, and we were again able to perceive their environment not only from the standpoint of "feed-wash, change clothes," habitually knocked in the head the idea of traveling. Traditionally, Christmas and New Year holidays we spent outside the home. And this year did not want to make exceptions.
The best city in the world. Sydney, Australia Australia There are cities in which you want to return again and again. Sydney - one of them. I have been there more than once, but each time this city inspires and fascinates. The age-old competition for primacy between Sydney and Melbourne runs with varying success, but regularly both city recognized as one of the most liveable. Melbourne, of course, very good, but in my personal ranking of Sydney still wins.
Golden Coast Australia Today, summer, gloomy, gray ... so Petersburg rainy day especially strongly want to feel the fresh smell of the ocean waves, the cry of gulls, and the delicate softness of the sandy beaches.
Gili Nanggu or where to swim next to Bali Indonesia We love to wake up to the sound of the surf, the sun shines directly into the eyes, like when close to home is a good reef and turquoise water boils tropical life. It turned out that it was easier to start to get acquainted with the country of Bali. In search of a good beach only had that run east without looking back! 40 selected images under the cut.