Corfu, Pantokrator Greece

Holidays in Corfu, we started with the rental car. Decided that the best first shoot out the sights, and then a week will be in a hurry, relax and digest what they see.

Tirana Albania

To visit the Albanian capital necessary to mentally prepare. I still remember my first shock from dirt, noise, lack of street signs and drivers dzhigits norovyaschih shoot down any pedestrian who dared to step into the roadway. Six months after returning from a trip I look at the pictures of Tirana and my memories seem far-fetched to me. Tirana - a dynamic city with a vibrant car traffic, with green boulevards, public parks, river shores in concrete and digital maps from Google. Only Photo rats along the river gives my memories certain truthfulness.

Berat at the evening. Albania. Albania

Our plane arrived in Albanian Mother Teresa airport after midnight. Since public transport at that time had long finished their work, I had pre-ordered transfer to the hotel of the city of Berat. We arrived, I must say, very tired after a night flight and therefore all the way in the car, without ceasing, nodding.

Albanian Riviera. Are you ready for an incredible adventure? Albania

The length of the coast of Albania from north to south is 300 km, it's beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful beaches of the azure Ionian Sea. Today we keep the way to the south through the famous Albanian Riviera, where everyone will find the best beach, whether it is a noisy place with a special evening of entertainment or a secluded beach, far away from civilization ... Let's go!