Kotor neighborhood: Shkalyari and Dobrota Montenegro

Continue virtual tour of Montenegro. As promised, today we look at the neighborhood of which, settlements Shkalyari and Kindness. In fact, these settlements are in fact not even near suburbs, while "sleeping" areas of Kotor, but ... Montenegrin authorities decided that other city, then so be it.

At the very north of North America. Her heart of gold. United States of America

Dawson City !!! Closer to the source of wealth of many, but also the source of many troubles and misfortunes, you know, some work and perseverance were the basis of the welfare of those lucky few.

Walk on the Genoa Italy

What we know about Genoa? The first thing that comes to mind - a port city in Italy (by the way, with a very impressive port). What is it in Liguria, in the north of the country. Milan close, again. It is also known that in Genoa one of the great historical centers in Europe. Some will remember the popular resort area in the suburbs. But you never know what else ... Because I do not aim to create another illustrated guide, I suggest a walk around the city and enjoy the local flavor. This is - the most that neither is the center, and in close proximity to the port.

Bologna Italy

Bologna - the most controversial of all the Italian cities I have ever seen. Beautiful here is hiding the fact that at first glance it is difficult to be called beautiful, but can be unattractive that was created for entirely different purposes. Going beyond the historical center, you find yourself in another city, or rather, a hundred other cities, as each new quarter recalls different parts of Italy.

Corfu, Pantokrator Greece

Holidays in Corfu, we started with the rental car. Decided that the best first shoot out the sights, and then a week will be in a hurry, relax and digest what they see.

City of Red River Vietnam

More than a thousand years ago on the banks of the Red River there was the capital of Vietnam. It grew out of several villages and the town of Dajla at the behest of King Li Thai To. Legend has it that the place to build the indicated celestial sign, the king fancied dragon among the clouds. In honor of this city and named - Dragon soars, Thang Long. Years passed, and with it the city changed names Dorgdo, Dongkuan, Dongkin, Chungdo again Thang Long before the beginning of the last century, he did not "city among the rivers" - Hanoi.