At the very north of North America. The birthplace of the gold rush. United States of America

I am in the capital of the Yukon - White Horse (whether "in", or "on»), Whitehorse. And the name of the city so not because there is such a delicious drink) They say that since the Indians called it, because the thresholds of the Yukon (River) flowing mane resemble their horses. It is from here and begin the journey to the Klondike, rather, on the Klondike (also a river).

At the very north of North America. Away from the bustle of the city. United States of America

In connection with the stay in the gasoline edge, felt - gasoline became cheaper. 1.13 per liter instead of 1.35! Refueling, in principle, different. Basic - Husky (funny dog), Esso and Petro-Canada (in the colors of LUKOIL). But the prices are almost the same.

Road of America United States of America

On his return from the United States many people asked me what I remember most. I will answer again: endless road of this great country. America - a country for both humans and their machines. I drove on these roads and twenty thousand kilometers behind the wheel, and no one kilometer I did not feel stress or strain on the contrary - it turns driving the car a real buzz.

Gran Canary Chronicles Spain

After Madrid I headed to the Canary Islands. Friends, rest here every year, insisted that I must see the most magical island in the world - Gran Canaria. No, it is not littered with wonderful grass, opening the third eye. A unique place in that a distance of only several kilometers completely adjoin different climatic zones.

What is Lombok Indonesia

Many say that Lombok - Bali is almost, but without the huge influx of tourists. To some extent I agree - something from Bali in it. But it's a whole different world, rather reminiscent of Java, except that a desert.

Gili Nanggu or where to swim next to Bali Indonesia

We love to wake up to the sound of the surf, the sun shines directly into the eyes, like when close to home is a good reef and turquoise water boils tropical life. It turned out that it was easier to start to get acquainted with the country of Bali. In search of a good beach only had that run east without looking back! 40 selected images under the cut.