Czech Switzerland Czech

Bohemian Switzerland (Czech. Ceske Svycarsko, it. Bohmische Schweiz) - The Czech part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which are called in the German part of the Saxon Switzerland. This area of North Bohemia is located on the upper reaches of the river Elbe near Decin.

Colorado United States of America

About naked mole rats, Amish, dinosaurs, tornado, steam caves, Garden of the Gods and the road of 2300 km all this miracle

City of active elderly Sun City United States of America

In any guidebook no American city with Flower Dunno and other shorty in any guidebook no city built especially for the elderly. Yes, in general, then, this city is no longer in any country.

Amsterdam! Netherlands

I do not understand people who go to the city, feels full of mushrooms and to smoke marijuana. I am very glad that survived the age of doubt "pervootkryvany" and was able to discover this city is not as frantic teenager, eager for adventure. And, in general, all these freedoms are advertised Dutch tourist gimmick rather concentrated in a few blocks in the city center, where you will be given a weak smoke grass and stare at the prostitutes who have pulled out all the money before you see at least a boob.

Ngapali, Myanmar Myanmar

Morning. Waking up, went to the beach and saw a picture. Absolutely deserted beach. Clear blue sea and white sand crunchy underfoot. Come see what we have in our hotel. It turned out that it has anything even rent motorbikes that Myanmar is very cool. Truth and price sickly, something like $ 10 per hour.

City sunniest islands. Toronto. Canada

For almost two weeks in Toronto weather reigns spring. Spring is not timid, not modest and arrogant, calling on all sides smelling summer. Therefore take from last year's bins bicycle-travel size report about the glorious city of Toronto. The fact that Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, is known to all.