At the very north of North America. The goal - Alaska. United States of America

A powerful tornado that struck on Thursday evening for a few US states, left without light hundreds of thousands of homes, led to the cancellation or delay of more than 800 flights, said Friday the agency "Bloomberg"

At the very north of North America. Master and golden hands. United States of America

Cafe - a joke) Or, conversely, sad ((Ate, brought through, much has been written. The amount differs from the intended menu for $ 7 (I ask ?! answer - not a ride ...

At the very north of North America. Inukshuki and Winnie the Pooh. United States of America

I thought he nashensky, Soviet, and he, see, was born in the Jewish town of Canada ... and even got the name of the name of the city of Winnipeg. Awful!

At the very north of North America. Top of the lakes. United States of America

Number of refills, or rather, their absence leads to sad thoughts about the infrastructure of Canada ... two runs for 157 km and 244 !!! forced to tighten slightly. But there are a lot of marinas with boats, I think there can refuel, and the motion is sufficiently intense, but the little settlements.

At the very north of North America. The shores of Lake Huron. United States of America

It is interesting to move out of the old TransKanadu. Interesting landscapes, and picturesque villages. Crosses many areas ... Indian Reservation ... But they are correctly called the First Nation ..

Colorado United States of America

About naked mole rats, Amish, dinosaurs, tornado, steam caves, Garden of the Gods and the road of 2300 km all this miracle