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  • Travel story Vietnam, There, where the dragon descended into the sea There, where the dragon descended into the sea
    Added: 2015-06-30 Country: Vietnam
    Long millennia humid tropical climate and abundant rainfall have worked over the landscape at the north-western coast of the Gulf of Tonkin. Water gnaws at folding limestone land, washed away the soft rock, leaving the tower outliers riddled with caves and grottoes. As the years passed, lithospheric plate fell, shore retreated, the land became the sea floor, and thousands of mountains, cliffs and rocks islands rose above the water surface. So a Halong Bay.
    Tags: #Halong
  • Travel story Vietnam, City of Red River City of Red River
    Added: 2015-06-25 Country: Vietnam
    More than a thousand years ago on the banks of the Red River there was the capital of Vietnam. It grew out of several villages and the town of Dajla at the behest of King Li Thai To. Legend has it that the place to build the indicated celestial sign, the king fancied dragon among the clouds. In honor of this city and named - Dragon soars, Thang Long. Years passed, and with it the city changed names Dorgdo, Dongkuan, Dongkin, Chungdo again Thang Long before the beginning of the last century, he did not "city among the rivers" - Hanoi.
    Tags: #Vietnam, #Hanoi