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  • Travel story Turkey, Alapli Alapli
    Added: 2012-09-05 Country: Turkey
    A small coastal town with a population of 18,600 people. Typical resort place of the local population. Foreigners are very little. By the way, even Wikipedia is silent about this place. The most unusual here is the original design of the mosque
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  • Travel story Turkey, Basilica Cistern Basilica Cistern
    Added: 2012-05-08 Country: Turkey
    The siege of the ancient walled cities often rests not in fact whether the besieging party to break the wall under a hail of arrows and throwing objects other defenders of the city, not in a tunnel under the wall, and a completely different: it was just for a while to cut the defenders of food and water and if the besieging army supplies were more attenuated garrison there was little he could oppose the attackers.
    Tags: #Basilica, #Cistern, #Istanbul