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  • Travel story Norway, The northernmost city in the world The northernmost city in the world
    Added: 2015-09-04 Country: Norway
    In 2006, the case of man-made disaster (nuclear war, asteroid strikes, etc.), mankind has created a special "ark" to plant seeds. On the 120-meter depth under the ground there are 4.5 million samples of crops all over the world. The project, worth 9 million. Dollars was made at the expense of Norway, and is on its territory. Storage marked out in the village of Longyearbyen on the Arctic Svalbard archipelago of the Arctic Ocean. It is the northernmost settlement in the world with a population of over a thousand people.
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  • Travel story Norway, Oslo Oslo
    Added: 2015-08-17 Country: Norway
    Introduction to the Norwegian capital, we started with the most famous park of the city, and perhaps the whole of Norway - Vigeland Sculpture Park ...
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  • Travel story Norway, Norway, Bergen: a one-day "tour" of the fjords Norway, Bergen: a one-day "tour" of the fjords
    Added: 2015-08-17 Country: Norway
    "I used to see the fjords ..." I said an employee of the municipal tourist center. "You see, I came to Bergen for two and a half days, and now heard the sound about the fact that you have here nepodlaёku fjords. But where are they, I do not really know."
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  • Travel story Norway, Utladalen - the deepest valley of the country Utladalen - the deepest valley of the country
    Added: 2012-07-06 Country: Norway
    As you remember, in Flåm do nothing special - all transplanted to the ferry and go further. We sat in front of the ferry on the bus that took us to the border of the nature reserve "Utladalen Valley." The park has its own website. In Utladalene we planned to spend 2 nights in one of the tourist lodges Norwegian Tourist Association (Den Norske Turistforening). All information regarding accommodation was found on their website.
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  • Travel story Norway, Keragbolten Keragbolten
    Added: 2012-04-03 Country: Norway
    Kjeragbolten - this boulder, once smartly rolled over the plateau Kjerag, about to dive into the Lysefjord, but has not reached the goal, firmly stuck between two rocks. But he got more - a lot of tourists every year visit this place in about two hours drive from Stavanger, just to see this wonderful stone volume of about 5 cubic meters of hanging at an altitude of 984 meters on the fjord, or dare to enter it.
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  • Travel story Norway, Norway January 2012 Norway January 2012
    Added: 2012-02-14 Country: Norway
    When normal people go to Norway? That's right - in the summer. But some go in the winter. ) And although the phrase "But if you come in the summer," I heard from the local multiple times, do not regret the trip.
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  • Travel story Norway, A trip to the fjords A trip to the fjords
    Added: 2012-01-29 Country: Norway
    My little story I call "The trip to the fjords", because it is due to the fjords we went to Norway, but as it turned out, in addition to the fjords in the country has so much more interesting. I usually do not write reports on travel, do not keep some special card index of the facts, but in this case it's different. Norway - a country in which it is impossible not to fall in love.
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