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  • Travel story Italy, Bologna Bologna
    Added: 2015-09-10 Country: Italy
    Bologna - the most controversial of all the Italian cities I have ever seen. Beautiful here is hiding the fact that at first glance it is difficult to be called beautiful, but can be unattractive that was created for entirely different purposes. Going beyond the historical center, you find yourself in another city, or rather, a hundred other cities, as each new quarter recalls different parts of Italy.
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  • Travel story Italy, The other side of Florence The other side of Florence
    Added: 2015-07-30 Country: Italy
    I always want to get somewhere higher. More Sasha Vasilyev sang: "..ot sky until the last floors - just apply a hand ..". But as for travel, here I am not original. Almost every tourist tries to look at the possibility of a new city from somewhere above.
    Tags: #Florence, #Ponte Vecchio
  • Travel story Italy, How to cheat the tax, using your home How to cheat the tax, using your home
    Added: 2015-03-06 Country: Italy
    This technique has become history ... his genius and controversial practicability. A city in which it was used almost all the inhabitants turned by the desire to evade taxes, in an incredibly beautiful place, which is able to impress even seasoned traveler.
    Tags: #Alberobello, #Puglia
  • Travel story Italy, From Italy to Switzerland via the Matterhorn From Italy to Switzerland via the Matterhorn
    Added: 2012-09-30 Country: Italy
    In September of this year, we (Sergei and Konstantin Egorin Dikovsky) climbed the Matterhorn along the crest of Lyon and down the ridge Hoernle, having carried out at the same time, proclaimed the transition from Italy to Switzerland through this wonderful mountain. This relatively simple, by climbing standards, the transition was exacerbated by two factors: the heavy camera, tripod and lots of accessories, as well as the fact that the Matterhorn was in the snow.
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  • Travel story Italy, Verona Verona
    Added: 2012-09-05 Country: Italy
    In our Italian trip was planned Verona. Honestly, I thought that it would be as if a transit point for travel to Lake Garda, and perhaps in Milan. And it turns out that this town I will climb into the soul of a good long time. Here we go.
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  • Travel story Italy, Walk on the Genoa Walk on the Genoa
    Added: 2012-09-05 Country: Italy
    What we know about Genoa? The first thing that comes to mind - a port city in Italy (by the way, with a very impressive port). What is it in Liguria, in the north of the country. Milan close, again. It is also known that in Genoa one of the great historical centers in Europe. Some will remember the popular resort area in the suburbs. But you never know what else ... Because I do not aim to create another illustrated guide, I suggest a walk around the city and enjoy the local flavor. This is - the most that neither is the center, and in close proximity to the port.
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  • Travel story Italy, Trieste and Miramare Castle Trieste and Miramare Castle
    Added: 2011-10-22 Country: Italy
    Located 40 kilometers from Italy and not to visit her - just a crime. And one fine morning, it was decided to cross the border and still admire her beauty, namely the nearby castle of Miramare. Starting from the Slovenian Piran, after 40 minutes we were already in Trieste. Driving along the industrial areas of the city, cherished the thought: "Yes, and look here there is nothing!".
    Tags: #Trieste, #Miramare, #Castle
  • Travel story Italy, This city, waking up looking at the clouds ... This city, waking up looking at the clouds ...
    Added: 2011-09-23 Country: Italy
    Even the bottom of the entrance to the city of Todi, I began to shake, agitate and fever, like a dog before the hunt. I realized that I finally come true beauty! A climb up to the old town, decided that on this day I do not go anywhere. I wanted to feel this city, and this is a woman who does not understand it really, until you spend with her ​​evening, night and morning ...
    Tags: #Italy, #Todi
  • Travel story Italy, Street, people, lasts, can not sleep ... Street, people, lasts, can not sleep ...
    Added: 2011-09-23 Country: Italy
    Perugia, the capital of Umbria, in spite of its architectural simplicity, I liked it. Ugly girl, priodevshis and make up, so someone will like. And from Perugia to attract tourists, having at hand such serious competitors as Todi and Orvietto (about them in the next post), the city all the time coming up with some holidays and festivals.
    Tags: #Perugia, #Umbria