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  • Travel story Greece, Meteors: over time and space Meteors: over time and space
    Added: 2015-08-20 Country: Greece
    In Meteora we were advised to go to everything. "You know, there are breathtaking, we call meteors eighth wonder of the world, go by all means," - a very convincing broadcast guide. And just pathetically he added: "Departure 5.40 am." Of course, we looked at each other, but still agreed to without even thinking how to go there. Already in the bus we knew - 350 km in one direction. And they say that Europe has little!
    Tags: #Meteors
  • Travel story Greece, Corfu, Pantokrator Corfu, Pantokrator
    Added: 2012-08-10 Country: Greece
    Holidays in Corfu, we started with the rental car. Decided that the best first shoot out the sights, and then a week will be in a hurry, relax and digest what they see.
    Tags: #Corfu, #Pantokrator
  • Travel story Greece, Crete by car Crete by car
    Added: 2012-02-08 Country: Greece
    Arrived at the hotel around 7 am, at the reception we kindly greeted by the owner, congratulating the fact that we are lucky and our room is ready for occupancy. This news caused a huge relief, since we are setting yourself up for another 5 hours so mindless pastime in the hotel lobby. Despite the fact that wild sleepy, we immediately went to the sea, then walked almost the whole city and see what's in and immediately began a search of the car.
    Tags: #Greece, #Crete