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  • Travel story Germany, Fabulous fall Fabulous fall
    Added: 2016-10-11 Country: Germany
    Autumn traveled to Bavaria to the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The locks themselves did not enter a couple of times already inside. We decided to take a walk in the mountains, to find new places for photo castles in and around Alpine lake pass
    Tags: #Noishvanshtain, #Hohenschwangau
  • Travel story Germany, At the far borderlands At the far borderlands
    Added: 2015-10-06 Country: Germany
    This time again there will be a lot of medieval and fortress walls, and again will not do without the Guinness Book of Records. The fact that not so long ago we reached located about a hundred kilometers from Munich's Bavarian town of Burghausen - places like the eye-pleasing and interesting from a historical point of view. There is a castle with a thousand-year history, which is also entered in that same Book of Records as the longest castle in the world.
    Tags: #Burghausen
  • Travel story Germany, Germany: boat trip on the Rhine along the road romantic castles Germany: boat trip on the Rhine along the road romantic castles
    Added: 2015-08-27 Country: Germany
    Today the journey by boat on the Middle Rhine or a trip on the train along its shores - a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Germany. In addition to numerous castles, the face of the region determine the lovely old towns with fortified walls with towers and gates, as well as different styles of old churches and denominations.
    Tags: #Germany, #Rhine, #Castles
  • Travel story Germany, Cozy Germany. Bonn. Cozy Germany. Bonn.
    Added: 2012-11-03 Country: Germany
    Hello dear community members, this is my story about our trip with her ​​mother in Germany last summer, in the small town of Bonn, who became a mother for the first visit to Europe, and has satisfied my curiosity as to what living small European town.
    Tags: #Germany, #Bonn
  • Travel story Germany, Glass Factory Glass Factory
    Added: 2012-08-28 Country: Germany
    Long thought to what it is and how to begin the story of Dresden. Decided to show some of the sights alone, and some combined into one story. Today we look at what a glass factory in Dresden.
    Tags: #Glass, #Factory, #Dresden, #Volkswagen
  • Travel story Germany, Munich, not Bavarian Bavaria Munich, not Bavarian Bavaria
    Added: 2012-08-03 Country: Germany
    I do not like the capital and big cities. Maybe it's because I live in a big city, which I was very tired. In the capitals of more opportunities, but less than the present life and the interesting topics for reporting. And even if it is there, then hid so well that a couple of days will never find. Munich - a real capital. Being the main Bavarian city, she packed everything that usually try not to show, and at least hidden from prying eyes.
    Tags: #Munich, #Bavaria
  • Travel story Germany, Hafengeburtstag - holiday in Hamburg port Hafengeburtstag - holiday in Hamburg port
    Added: 2012-07-14 Country: Germany
    In Hamburg, often hosts various interesting activities. One of these is the annual festival Hafengeburtstag, dedicated to the birthday of the port, namely the Hamburg harbor. This year it celebrated its 823 th anniversary of live music, "procession" of swimming facilities that you can imagine, master classes and fishing fair, a small regatta course and the final fireworks.
    Tags: #Harbor, #Holiday, #Hamburg
  • Travel story Germany, The Hanseatic city of Wismar The Hanseatic city of Wismar
    Added: 2012-07-06 Country: Germany
    In one of the days between Christmas and New Year, we thought it was worth a trip to some town in which we have never been. Satisfying a passion for changing places and combining it with the regular weekend - went to Lübeck. Lübeck seemed cold enough, not crowded.
    Tags: #Wismar, #Hanseatic
  • Travel story Germany, Town Egloffstein in the Franconian Switzerland Town Egloffstein in the Franconian Switzerland
    Added: 2012-04-19 Country: Germany
    About Franconian Switzerland I wrote in his LiveJournal repeatedly. This eco-friendly region, the famous air spas, breweries, small distillery zavodik and Easter wreaths. Egloffshtayn town, which I want to tell you today is not much different from other cities in the region - a cute, vintage, friendly and quiet. Graphs, whose name is a fortress in the city, living in this city for over 800 years!
    Tags: #Eglofshtayn, #Franconian Switzerland
  • Travel story Germany, Kelshtaynhaus Kelshtaynhaus
    Added: 2011-11-24 Country: Germany
    Bavarian commune Berchtesgaden is known for its amazing beauty of Lake Konigssee, located in the valley between the mountains in the Alps. It is especially picturesque in the fall, including yellow and red trees. In these places you can see the salt mines, in which more than 500 years mined salt, and in these days is a fascinating underground attraction.
    Tags: #Kelshtaynhaus