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  • Travel story Czech, Kutna Hora - Silver City Kutna Hora - Silver City
    Added: 2012-07-25 Country: Czech
    Kutna Hora is very beautiful, pretty town 60 kilometers from Prague. The story of his starts since the XIII century. There were periods of prosperity and decline, but now it appears in its medieval guise that attracts many tourists.
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  • Travel story Czech, Czech Switzerland Czech Switzerland
    Added: 2012-04-13 Country: Czech
    Bohemian Switzerland (Czech. Ceske Svycarsko, it. Bohmische Schweiz) - The Czech part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which are called in the German part of the Saxon Switzerland. This area of North Bohemia is located on the upper reaches of the river Elbe near Decin.
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  • Travel story Czech, Karlstejn Karlstejn
    Added: 2011-09-23 Country: Czech
    As practice shows, to get to the castle train better. The train runs from the main train station, and passes through Smíchov, so if you live closer to him, then we can sit down and in Smíchov. However, when we were traveling by train on Sunday, seats to Smíchov no longer exists.
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