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  • Travel story Brazil, Salvador-La Bahia Salvador-La Bahia
    Added: 2012-07-25 Country: Brazil
    Our plane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Was approaching the end of our flight from the Old to the New World. And on the horizon for us at the blue water of the ocean seemed to Earth! Here it is, the South American continent, which had so long dreamed of. More somewhere hour plane flew over the Brazilian fields and deserts, and then began to decline.
    Tags: #Salvador-La Bahia
  • Travel story Brazil, Hungry inhabitants of Iguazu Falls Hungry inhabitants of Iguazu Falls
    Added: 2011-12-13 Country: Brazil
    Even before we got to the Iguazu Falls, someone mentioned to me that in those places are found some raccoons that well, just do not give a pass to anyone !! After this message all my thoughts, of course, were only about them! And even waterfalls me as a little interest at first - very much like to find at least one raccoon !! ;)
    Tags: #Brazil Iguacu, #Raccoon, #Coati
  • Travel story Brazil, The first acquaintance with Rio The first acquaintance with Rio
    Added: 2011-11-24 Country: Brazil
    This acquaintance began in the first place from the ocean. That's like you could not tell that this ocean is our first, because we have already seen a piece of the Indian Ocean in India and Bali, and the edge of the Pacific - on the east coast of the Philippine island of Luzon.
    Tags: #Rio de Janeiro