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  • Travel story Australia, The best city in the world. Sydney, Australia The best city in the world. Sydney, Australia
    Added: 2012-08-14 Country: Australia
    There are cities in which you want to return again and again. Sydney - one of them. I have been there more than once, but each time this city inspires and fascinates. The age-old competition for primacy between Sydney and Melbourne runs with varying success, but regularly both city recognized as one of the most liveable. Melbourne, of course, very good, but in my personal ranking of Sydney still wins.
    Tags: #Sydney, #Australia
  • Travel story Australia, Golden Coast Golden Coast
    Added: 2012-07-25 Country: Australia
    Today, summer, gloomy, gray ... so Petersburg rainy day especially strongly want to feel the fresh smell of the ocean waves, the cry of gulls, and the delicate softness of the sandy beaches.
    Tags: #Gold Coast
  • Travel story Australia, Phillip Island Phillip Island
    Added: 2012-06-10 Country: Australia
    Generally on this island, we spent two days, but I will try to keep within one post. Phillip Island is located in close proximity to the mainland and it is not necessary to go on the ferry, as there is a bridge connecting
    Tags: #Phillip Island