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  • Travel story Indonesia, North Sumatra. Climb the volcano Sibayak. North Sumatra. Climb the volcano Sibayak.
    Added: 2011-10-20 Country: Indonesia
    Sibayak volcano (Gunung Sibayak) is located in the north of Sumatra, at 2100 meters overlooking the mountain town of Berastagi (1300 meters above sea level). The last eruption of this volcano is dated 1881 year, and now on the official maps this volcano is designated as "Sibayak Mountain / Mount Sibayak".
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  • Travel story Indonesia, Ijen volcano Ijen volcano
    Added: 2011-09-23 Country: Indonesia
    One early morning in Dzhogyakarta we got on the bus and went to the volcano Bromo. Bromo then erupted, so that was one of the most exciting experiences for the whole of Asia. I already wrote about him being in Tae, could not stand it :)
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