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  • Travel story Netherlands, Life in the outback Netherlands Life in the outback Netherlands
    Added: 2012-09-01 Country: Netherlands
    We went to the East of the Netherlands. There have agreed to meet up with friends who have had our tickets for the concert in Belgium. But it turned out this way: when buying a ticket, you can select only the paper version by mail, to entrust the delivery of tickets EMS Russia - it's like that in the trash discarded. Therefore, we took advantage of the European postal service and send tickets to friends in the Netherlands.
    Tags: #Netherlands,Train,Village,Street
  • Travel story Sweden, How are trains in Sweden How are trains in Sweden
    Added: 2012-04-13 Country: Sweden
    During the night I traveled more than 1,000 kilometers of railway lines. My route looked like Vasteras - Stockholm - Lund - Katrineholm - Vasteras. During this trip, I traveled to 4eh different types of trains, of which I will tell in this post.
    Tags: #Train,Sweden