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  • Travel story Spain, Gran Canary Chronicles Gran Canary Chronicles
    Added: 2012-06-07 Country: Spain
    After Madrid I headed to the Canary Islands. Friends, rest here every year, insisted that I must see the most magical island in the world - Gran Canaria. No, it is not littered with wonderful grass, opening the third eye. A unique place in that a distance of only several kilometers completely adjoin different climatic zones.
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  • Travel story Spain, Streets of Madrid Streets of Madrid
    Added: 2012-04-02 Country: Spain
    Going to Madrid, we certainly have acquired a guide and not one. But here's a mishap almost all guidebooks reported that Madrid is one of the youngest cities in the center of the peninsula, that the historical part of the city you can cross the length and breadth easy step three hours. That Madrid did not see anything down sshibatelnogo, except that of the royal palace and the Prado Museum. All this leads to confusion and raises the question - "Is it possible?"
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