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  • Travel story Russian Federation, At the edge of the aspen nepuganyh At the edge of the aspen nepuganyh
    Added: 2012-06-02 Country: Russian Federation
    The next Spring Fever craving for wild wanderings dropped this year for the period from 6 to 13 May. Went together with a friend on his shnivy, but without a dog - I regretted it, old man, still 14.5 years - not a boy already.
    Tags: #Russia
  • Travel story Russian Federation, Kamchatka Kamchatka
    Added: 2011-12-19 Country: Russian Federation
    Kamchatka! Probably not in Russia a man who would not hear of it. This, of course, because in almost every village and certainly in each class has its own "Kamchatka". It does not just far away (in Russia there is, thank God, and far away places). Kamchatka - it is an amazing and fantastic world where high mountains, clean, full of fish rivers, mysterious geysers - in a word, the kingdom of Far Far Away, but despite the popularity of the word, very few people were there who saw firsthand the fire-breathing, mountainous peninsula.
    Tags: #Kamchatka,Russia