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  • Travel story France, The Paris Metro The Paris Metro
    Added: 2012-02-21 Country: France
    Metro in Paris - more than just transport. For more than a hundred years of his work, he became one of the main attractions of the French capital. Scheme lines entangled web of strange city. It seems that it is impossible to understand, but after a few trips you already easily guided in the subway. Two days later I was rolling on the Paris subway to do for you interesting report.
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  • Travel story France, Paris - street life, photo report Paris - street life, photo report
    Added: 2012-02-08 Country: France
    And still well in Paris in early autumn! Crowds of European tourists begin to thin out rapidly, turn in museums and cathedrals lose substantially in length, and even clochards (local homeless) look particularly colorful. Despite the fact that we went to France with some prejudice, a long time giving their heart and soul into the power of the South America, the main city of the country enjoyed extraordinary.
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  • Travel story France, The soul of Paris - Montmartre The soul of Paris - Montmartre
    Added: 2012-01-20 Country: France
    I did not know what to call this post. The second option was: "In Search of Amelie" because of Montmartre, we took a walk is based on the film. Why is the "soul" of Paris? I do not know, I thought so. Maybe it's due to the fact that during our stay in Paris, it is in Montmartre was the best weather? I suggest you treat yourself Montmartre Eiffel Tower Goat Cheese and go with me for a walk!
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