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  • Travel story United States of America, New Mexico - Colorado RV. New Mexico - Colorado RV.
    Added: 2012-11-03 Country: United States of America
    When the confusion of the first months after birth began to pass, and we were again able to perceive their environment not only from the standpoint of "feed-wash, change clothes," habitually knocked in the head the idea of traveling. Traditionally, Christmas and New Year holidays we spent outside the home. And this year did not want to make exceptions.
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  • Travel story Mexico, Once in Mexico Once in Mexico
    Added: 2012-06-02 Country: Mexico
    Mexico. Even the name sounds fascinating. Ancient Maya and Aztecs, Mexican bandits in a sombrero with Colt in his belt, sipping tequila in a dirty tavern ... been a while since I wanted to stay in this epic edge. And the case turned up appropriate - Cuban visa expired, we had to leave for a few days and come back. So, my Mexican 6 days with Russian gidskoy party.
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