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  • Travel story Hong Kong, The transport system in Hong Kong The transport system in Hong Kong
    Added: 2012-09-01 Country: Hong Kong
    Hong Kong, by itself, has a highly developed transport system with an emphasis on public transport type. It is only natural that more than 80% of all trips are made ​​by public transport it. The transport system includes probably all possible, except air traffic, everything else is: rail transport (MTR), which unites the subway, commuter and intercity electric (KCR), bus, ferry, two-storey tram, taxi, and even a cable car escalator lift.
    Tags: #Hong Kong,Transport,Metro
  • Travel story France, The Paris Metro The Paris Metro
    Added: 2012-02-21 Country: France
    Metro in Paris - more than just transport. For more than a hundred years of his work, he became one of the main attractions of the French capital. Scheme lines entangled web of strange city. It seems that it is impossible to understand, but after a few trips you already easily guided in the subway. Two days later I was rolling on the Paris subway to do for you interesting report.
    Tags: #France,Paris,Metro
  • Travel story United Arab Emirates, Dubai Metro Dubai Metro
    Added: 2011-11-24 Country: United Arab Emirates
    In one of the hottest days I decided to explore Dubai's infrastructure, and in particular its transport sostavlyayuschuyu- subway. Therefore, I sat down on one of the end station and drove across town to their hotel, which was almost at the end of branches. If Moscow had the same beauty of the underground, I would hang out every day in it for 5-6 hours :)
    Tags: #Dubai,Metro