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  • Travel story Spain, Gran Canaria - an island of contrast reincarnation! Gran Canaria - an island of contrast reincarnation!
    Added: 2013-01-13 Country: Spain
    Imagine a place where summer lives all year round, the sun accompanies you everywhere 365 days, and a few kilometers from the golden sands of the desert on the Atlantic Ocean bordered by breathtaking mountain peaks. This, of course, Gran Canaria, multifaceted continent in miniature, where the impossible becomes possible!
    Tags: #Gran Canaria,Islands
  • Travel story Cuba, Island of Cayo Largo. The Caribbean Island of Cayo Largo. The Caribbean
    Added: 2012-09-05 Country: Cuba
    Far in the Caribbean, an hour's flight from the island of Cuba, there is one small but very beautiful island - Cayo Largo.
    Tags: #Island of Cayo Largo,The Caribbean
  • Travel story Maldives, Flight between North Male Atoll and Baa Flight between North Male Atoll and Baa
    Added: 2012-09-01 Country: Maldives
    Natural beauty, formed by patterns Maldivian reefs on the blue surface of the ocean, impossible to reach, being at the level of the sea - it's almost like looking at the masterpieces in the Louvre, burying his nose in them. Here it is necessary to step back from the picture, rise above it and only divine brushstrokes form a harmonious masterpiece and one atoll does not seem something formless and presents a picture of the hundreds of reefs with round turquoise lagoons and golden beaches.
    Tags: #North Male,Baa,Reef,Atoll,Island,Lagoon,Resort,Faro
  • Travel story Thailand, Similan Islands Similan Islands
    Added: 2012-06-14 Country: Thailand
    Similan Islands - a group of islands in the Andaman Sea, 70 km to the west of the province of Phang Nga (tongue will break) to which they are administratively and ... blah blah blah ... Official information can be found in Wikipedia. I'll talk about informal.
    Tags: #Similan,Islands
  • Travel story Australia, Phillip Island Phillip Island
    Added: 2012-06-10 Country: Australia
    Generally on this island, we spent two days, but I will try to keep within one post. Phillip Island is located in close proximity to the mainland and it is not necessary to go on the ferry, as there is a bridge connecting
    Tags: #Phillip Island
  • Travel story Spain, Gran Canary Chronicles Gran Canary Chronicles
    Added: 2012-06-07 Country: Spain
    After Madrid I headed to the Canary Islands. Friends, rest here every year, insisted that I must see the most magical island in the world - Gran Canaria. No, it is not littered with wonderful grass, opening the third eye. A unique place in that a distance of only several kilometers completely adjoin different climatic zones.
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  • Travel story Canada, City sunniest islands. Toronto. City sunniest islands. Toronto.
    Added: 2012-05-10 Country: Canada
    For almost two weeks in Toronto weather reigns spring. Spring is not timid, not modest and arrogant, calling on all sides smelling summer. Therefore take from last year's bins bicycle-travel size report about the glorious city of Toronto. The fact that Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, is known to all.
    Tags: #Toronto,Islands
  • Travel story Spain, Canary Islands. General information. Canary Islands. General information.
    Added: 2011-10-03 Country: Spain
    In the trip we went with our friends, for whom it was a honeymoon, well, they took us to the load. Travel as usual was organized completely independently. As destinations were chosen Canary Islands, the desire to newlyweds, we especially do not argue. But everything in the queue.
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  • Travel story Pitcairn, Pitcairn Islands 4/4 Pitcairn Islands 4/4
    Added: 2011-09-23 Country: Pitcairn
    The only machine on the island belongs to the local oligarchy Steve. He and his wife holds the only local bar and cafe Christian's (and here cafe on the island is not unique).
    Tags: #Pitcairn,Islands
  • Travel story Pitcairn, Pitcairn Islands 3/4 Pitcairn Islands 3/4
    Added: 2011-09-23 Country: Pitcairn
    Pitcairn - a small island, but for 3 days without his quad has been inspected. He has a very rugged terrain, typical of volcanoes, destroyed by erosion.
    Tags: #Pitcairn,Islands