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  • Travel story Spain, Gran Canaria, highways GC-200 Gran Canaria, highways GC-200
    Added: 2015-06-23 Country: Spain
    The brightest of the harsh beauty of the ocean views are on the western and south-western side of the island. It takes a spectacular route along the vertical cliffs over deep-ever storm spaciousness.
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  • Travel story Spain, Gran Canaria - an island of contrast reincarnation! Gran Canaria - an island of contrast reincarnation!
    Added: 2013-01-13 Country: Spain
    Imagine a place where summer lives all year round, the sun accompanies you everywhere 365 days, and a few kilometers from the golden sands of the desert on the Atlantic Ocean bordered by breathtaking mountain peaks. This, of course, Gran Canaria, multifaceted continent in miniature, where the impossible becomes possible!
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  • Travel story Spain, Gran Canary Chronicles Gran Canary Chronicles
    Added: 2012-06-07 Country: Spain
    After Madrid I headed to the Canary Islands. Friends, rest here every year, insisted that I must see the most magical island in the world - Gran Canaria. No, it is not littered with wonderful grass, opening the third eye. A unique place in that a distance of only several kilometers completely adjoin different climatic zones.
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