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  • Travel story Maldives, Flight between North Male Atoll and Baa Flight between North Male Atoll and Baa
    Added: 2012-09-01 Country: Maldives
    Natural beauty, formed by patterns Maldivian reefs on the blue surface of the ocean, impossible to reach, being at the level of the sea - it's almost like looking at the masterpieces in the Louvre, burying his nose in them. Here it is necessary to step back from the picture, rise above it and only divine brushstrokes form a harmonious masterpiece and one atoll does not seem something formless and presents a picture of the hundreds of reefs with round turquoise lagoons and golden beaches.
    Tags: #North Male,Baa,Reef,Atoll,Island,Lagoon,Resort,Faro
  • Travel story Portugal, With cute and Portugal paradise ... With cute and Portugal paradise ...
    Added: 2012-04-24 Country: Portugal
    Once upon a time, not so long ago, my favorite and the only one suddenly suggested: "Let's fly to Faro - where the land ends and the ocean begins!". At that time I did not really represented where, in fact, is the lighthouse and why, and most importantly how to get there worth. But it was so born frenzy leading to the happiest days of our lives.
    Tags: #Portugal,Rye,Faro